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Wolff Contracting is a trusted, local Santa Rosa Contractor committed to being part of rebuilding Sonoma County. Now that we have moved past the October 2017 wildfire cleanup efforts, which Wolff Contracting was notably involved in, we are ready to help you with rebuilding and moving forward. Our services include: site preparation and soil work, new home construction, home rebuilding/remodeling, general demolition and any residual fire cleanup issues you may be facing.

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Raised in Petaluma, Sonoma County is Michael Wolff’s home. The devastation to his community during the October wildfires was heartbreaking for him. Michael knew he had to help out the best way he could and that was by focusing the efforts of his contractor crew on being part of the rebuilding effort. Michael and the Wolff Pack are dedicated to the people of Sonoma County and to getting them back in to their homes.

Unscrupulous, unlicensed contractors prey on victims of natural disasters. Wolff Contracting is a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise in addition to being a BBB Accredited Business. Whether it be a remodel, fire damage restoration or a complete new home, Wolff Contracting is dedicated to helping rebuild your home and dreams.

A burned out car next to a burnt tree in the aftermath of the Tubbs Fire in Coffey Park.

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If you have trees that were damaged in the fires and need to be removed please give us a call at (707) 799-4910. In many cases your insurance will cover the cost of tree removal if it is done before FEMA starts paying on the fire damage. Our team of tree service experts can quickly and professionally remove your damaged trees. Another thing to think about is that Wolff Contracting is milling trees of suitable size into fence boards which our fence division will be using in rebuilding local fences. We are also offering custom milling at customer request for unique applications. This is truly rebuilding from the ashes. Imagine having a floor made of local fire damaged oak.

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A flat dirt plot surrounded by yellow tape and burnt out trees.
2 excavators clear debris and vegetation at the Veteran's Village Lot as a backhoe is delivered via flatbed.
This image is a link to the fencing page. it shows various types of fencing, including a steel fence on a retaining wall, a wooden fence with chicken wire, a garden fence with cross hatching at the top, and a white fence along a driveway. Written is "Wolff Contracting, LIC. #953433, FENCING, 707-799-4910, wolffcontracting.com"
A white three axle truck with a wolff contracting logo, parked near porta potties.
A person in orange jumpsuit works on the bucket of a black deere excavator at the site of a burnt out building.
The wooden framing of a gabled roof building, viewed from the inside.

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