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Wolff Contracting is a local General Building Contracting company that specializes in all phases of custom remodeling, home repair, and commercial tenant improvement projects. We offer value to our clients in the form of superior craftsmanship, competitive pricing and integrity. We focus on running well-organized projects that frequently come in ahead of schedule and under budget.

We believe that the service we are providing to our customers is just as important as the construction that we are leaving behind. Our goal is to create a value that will result in long lasting relationships. Many of our customers turn into clients who engage us for multiple projects or have continued to utilize our support indefinitely as their needs change.

Over the past 4 years, Wolff Contracting has been spending a lot of time consciously thinking about how to reduce our impact on the environment. Living and working in Sonoma County has some amazing advantages when it comes to advanced Green Building Technology. As local business owners, we are often the leaders in many of the industries throughout the county. Over the years we have worked with local government and other industry leaders to find environmentally conscious approaches to building. Wolff Contracting is proud to claim the title Green Builder. We continuously strive to stay educated on the most current technology in energy-saving solutions. By weaving together a blend of energy-efficient processes, we can often produce a product that not only benefits the environment but also the project budget. Green doesn’t always need to be synonymous with more expensive. Our areas of focus include:

• Energy efficient lighting, electronics and appliances
• Energy saving insulating and HVAC
• Water usage reduction strategies and low flow devices
• Recycling of building waist products
• A wide range of recycled building materials
• Protecting the environment on and around our construction sites

Sonoma County is where we live and raise our families. We take pride in being a steward of our local environment and look forward to continuing to live in such a beautiful place. We are a Lead Safe EPA certified firm. We are also proud to be one of the very few local contractors who are licensed for Asbestos Consulting.

We offer a wide range of services, with affordable prices, to all of our customers; from homeowners to investors, other business owners and property managers.

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