Rick Wood, Shop Foreman

Rob Barnum sits in front of a backdrop of dense vegetation. He wears a Wolff Contracting hat, a hi-vis vest, a neon t-shirt, and a black and grey beard and mustache.

Rick is a long-time member of the Wolff Pack, being our longest-term employee.  He has a strong mechanical background, having been a certified British Motor Car mechanic (when was the last time you serviced a Bentley?) and provides most of the routine maintenance and repair on all our equipment and vehicles.  Along with vehicle and equipment maintenance, Rick oversees our warehouse/shop and is indispensable in keeping the field staff stocked with the critical supplies they need to keep work flowing.  When he’s not organizing the shop or bending wrenches, Rick loves fishing and is a long-time member of
E Clampus Vitus.